​​​2019 Annual Show

Sunday 4th August 

Annual Show 2019

​Sunday 4th August 2019

Members Show 2019

Wednesday 21st August 2019

​Judges:  - Charles Jenkinson - Fuchsia section.

​           David Elcock - Pot plant section

Entries and staging between 5pm and 8pm on Saturday 3rd August and 9am and 10.45am on Sunday 4th August

​Judging will commence at 11am

Fuchsia section:

Beginners Class::

​1.     One pot - any cultivar, any standard size pot. This class is for members of the West Yorkshire Fuchsia and Pot Plant Society only

​Open Classes:

2.     Box or board of six open fuchsia flowers - any cultivar. 

3.     One plant - hardy variety - max pot size 216mm (8.5"). Must be on current BFS list

4. ​    One pot maximum 90mm (3.5") - any cultivar

5.     One pot 100-114mm (4 - 4.5") - single/semi-double/double

6.     One pot 127-140mm (5 - 5.5") - single/semi-double/double

7.     Two pots flowering plants of the same cultivar grown as a matching pair

8.     One pot, minimum​ 153mm (6") - any cultivar

9.     Catch-all-class any size pot ​Any plant that does not readily fit in any other class 

10.    One pot, maximum 165mm (6.5") - with variegated/ornamental foliage. Flowers are not taken into consideration

11.     One plant - any cultivar - trained as a Bonsai

12.    One or more plants of the same cultivar, trained in any shape other than bush or standard (i.e. fan, pillar, cone, ring etc)Frames may be used

13.    One pot Triphylla or Triphylla type, any size pot - must be on current BFS list

14.    One pot Species or Species variant (not encliandra) - in any size standard pot. Must be on current BFS list

15.    One pot, any standard size - Encliandra type

16.    One small standard - Maximum pot size 133mm (5.25")

​17.    One medium standard - in any size standard pot

​18.   One hanging container - diameter not to exceed 279mm (11") - any number of fuchsia plants of one cultivar. See conditions for exhibitors no. 7

19.    One hanging container  - minimum diameter 305mm (12") - any number of fuchsia plants (can be one or mixed cultivars). See conditions for exhibitors no.7

​20.    One commercially manufactured ornamental plastic urn or tub (not trough) containing any number of fuchsia plants (any cultivars of he exhibitors choice)

​21.    A fuchsia exhibit with an artistic display that depicts the name of the fuchsia. To be contained in an area 610mm (24") x 610mm (24") - no height restrictions


​a) A fuchsia bloom for show purposes should have four sepals . Some cultivars habitually throw blooms with more or less than four sepals and this should not be treated as a cultural fault. A single flower should have four petals, a semi-double should have five to seven petals and a double flower should have eight or more petals. Semi-double flowers should be exhibited in classes for single flower fuchsias.

b) Standard sizes: Small standard 152-254mm (6"-10")

                         Medium standard 254-457mm(10"-18")

Measurements taken from the top f the compost to the underside of the first branch.

c) Standard pots have the inside diameter of the pot approximately the same as the perpendicular height but with a distinct taper.

d) A BEGINNER is a competitor who has not won a FIRST PRIZE at this show.

Note to Fuchsia exhibitors:

The British Fuchsia Society have introduced the following new guidelines for the judging of foliage and hardy classes.

FOLIAGE CLASSES: To obtain the best leaf colour, the plant should be covered with young, new growth i.e plants should have been stopped 5/6 weeks prior to the show, with a maximum of 3 stops on the current growth to allow for amore natural appearance.

HARDY CLASSES: Hardy fuchsias may be grown with some protection for show purposes. With hardy fuchsias being so dissimilar in habit it is permissible for them to be trained, with some pinching, into a balanced shape for the show bench. They must  however, retain a natural appearance with a maximum of 3 stops on the current growth.

The exhibits can be old plants, but there is a limit on the number of stops that the plants can be given for the show bench.

Pot Plant Section

22.    One pot zonal pelargonium, having bi/tri/bronze or golden coloured foliage

23.    One pot regal pelargonium

24.    One pot ivy or hybrid leaf pelargonium

25.    One pot scented leaf pelargonium

26.    One pot angel pelargonium

27.     One pot stellar pelargonium

28.    One pot zonal pelargonium

29.    One pot plant foliage (excluding fuchsias, pelargoniums and begonias)

30.    One pot plant flowering (excluding fuchsias, pelargonium and begonias)

31.    One pot cactus

​32.    One pot succulent

33.    A bonsai tree or group of trees (including fuchsias)

​34.    A display of pot plants, flowering and or foliage, to be displayed in a crate provided by the society - 23" x 15" (584mm x 381mm) - no height restriction. Plants may overhang the area provided.

​35.    Hanging container planted with annuals and/or perennials (excluding fuchsias) Maximum size 406mm (16") diameter. See  show rules no 7

Cut Flower Section

36.     Sweet Peas - One vase, 7 stems, any varity/varities

37.     Pinks - One vase, 3 stems, any variety/varieties

38.     Gladiolus - One vase, 3 spike, any varity/varities

39.     Roses- One vase, 3 blooms HT, any variety/varieties

40.    Roses - One vase, cluster flowered, any variety/varities

41.     One vase mixed flowers and foliage

Vegetable section

42.      Collection of 6 kinds of vegetable, one of each kind. To occupy a space max 18" frontage x depth of table

43.      Three Beetroot, tops to be trimmed to 76mm (not to be cut)

44.      One Cabbage, red or green, judged for quality, guarded leaves on 76mm stalk

45.      Three stump rooted Carrots, tops to be trimmed to 76mm

46.      One Cauliflower, 50mm of stem

47.      One Cucumber

48.      Six Dwarf French Beans

49.      Two Blanched Leeks

50.     Three Onions, not to exceed 250g - dressed

51.      Four White Potatoes

52.     Four Potatoes, other than white

53.     Three sticks Rhubarb, trimmed to 75mm

54.     Six Shallots, larger than pickling

55.     Five Tomatoes

Show Secretary: Graham Wheatley - telephone number 0113 2563055. Email: wheatleygraham@yahoo.co.uk

Members Show

​Tuesday 21st August 2019  

 This years show will be judged by the members present

​Staging - 6.30pm - 7.15pm Judging at 7.30pm

Fuchsia Section:

​1.     Distribution plant - 'un-named' any size pot

​2.    Box or board of six open fuchsia flower heads

​3.    Beginners Class - one pot, any cultivar, any size pot 

​4.    One pot - any cultivar in a maximum pot size 90mm (3.5")

​5.    One pot - Triphylla, any size pot, must be on the current BFS list

6.    One pot - single, semi-double or double pot size 102mm (4")- 115mm (4.5")

7.    One pot -  single, semi-double or double pot size  127mm (5") - 153mm (6")

8. ​   One plant - hardy variety, maximum pot size 216mm (8.5"). Must be on current BFS list

9.    One pot - Encliandra any size pot

​10.   One pot - Species or Species variant any size pot (not Encliandra) Must be on current BFS list

​11.   A Bonsai tree or group of trees shown in a container or on a slab

12.   One pot - any cultivar, mini or quarter standard

      Mini standard maximum pot size 133mm (5.25")

      Quarter standard any size pot  

13.   One pot - variegated/ornamental foliage plant, any size pot. Flowers are not taken into consideration

​14.   One hanging container, any size

Pot plant section:

15.    Distribution plant 'un-named' Pelargonium1-"u81818

16.    One pot plant foliage, excluding fuchsias and coleus

17.    One pot plant flowering, excluding fuchsias

18.    One pot Coleus

19.    One pot of Cactus or Succulent

All plants must be grown in standard terracotta coloured pots and contained in an appropriately sized pot saucer with

the exception of classes 11, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18 and 19

A beginner is a competitor who has not won a first prize at a previous members show 

Dimensions for class 12 - the length of stem from compost level to underside of the first branch:

Mini - 152-254mm (6 -10")

​Quarter - 254-457mm (10 - 18")