​2020​​​ Upcoming Events...

Our meetings will be held at Paxton Hall, Kirkstall Lane, Headingley, Leeds, LS5 2AB @ 7.30pm

We would really love to see you all there!!!​​

2020 Events calendar 

February 19th 2020 -

​Keith Abel - a talk about Chrysanthemums. Keith is an expert grower and chrysanthemum enthusiast, he has been growing for over 25


March 18th 2020 -

Claire Dawson of Yorkshire Irises talking all about Irises.

April 15th 2020 -

Olive Peel giving a talk on kitchen vegetables.

April 19th 2020 -

Its annual trip time, this year we are visiting Rieghton Nursery in Hunmaby.

May 20th 2020 -

Roger Burnett giving a talk about Pelargoniums.

June 17th 2020 -

Agnes & Suzannne giving a talk on The fuchsia growers year.

July 8th 2020 -

Gardeners question time, its a interesting and entertaining evening.

July 14th - 16th 2020 -

Great Yorkshire Show

August 2nd 2020 -

Annual Show - Fuchsia's Judged by Linda Hinchcliffe

Pot plant and Vegetable judge - Keith Abel.

August 19th 2020 -

Members Show judged by John Smiles.

September 16th 2020 -

Terry Sykes one of our members giving a talk titles The ups and downs of a novice fuchsia grower.

October 21st 2020 -

John Smiles giving what will be a interesting and entertaining talk titled 50 not out.

​​November 18th 2020 -

AGM & society social supper,

the election of officers, review of the shows, supper and a chance to have a chat.

December -  

No meeting

Merry Christmas!



The West Yorkshire Fuchsia Society which was formed in 1978 in Leeds. We are a small friendly group of gardeners of all ages and backgrounds who enjoy growing fuchsias. We have members throughout Leeds and beyond and welcome anyone who is interested in fabulous fuchsias.

"Calling all Tykes” – that was the clarion call from fuchsia lover Alan Waddington in the British Fuchsia Society magazine in 1978.  From this stirring cry arose the West Yorkshire Fuchsia Society, which has now been in existence for over 75 years.
Through the dedication and hard work of 15 founder members, led by Alan, the Society quickly established itself.  Sadly, many of those founder members have since passed away, but they laid the foundation of a successful Society for future generations of fuchsia lovers.
The Society is gaining in strength, with a recent influx of new members.  We have a solid core of hard-working members whose teamwork enables the Society to undertake and support numerous activities and events with considerable success.  We can look forward to the future with optimism and hopefully like-minded enthusiasts will join the Society and carry on the vision of the founder members.
We have a varied programme which covers all aspects of fuchsia cultivation, and includes occasional guest speakers.  The Society now has its own A-Z list of the plants held by members, and there is the opportunity to exchange plants, tips and experiences in a friendly informal atmosphere.

​​The West Yorkshire Fuchsia and Pot Plant Society

''We're all friendly fuchsia folk''

​ Celebrating over 40 years of

Fuchsia growing!

​​​​​ Latest News..!

​Now is the time to cut back your fuchsias and put them for a rest in a clean, heated greenhouse, keep a check on them regularly for pests and diseases and treat quickly before they get hold. Just keep them ticking over with the smallest amount of water only when they need it. We have already seen some frosts so make sure your plants are protected

(those of course that need it). Hardy varieties that maybe in your gardens will have their leaves killed off with these first frosts, so now is the the time to give them a mulch on the compost perhaps by about 10cm to protect the crowns.